Tankar & texter; del 12.

My love for my mama is deeper than the ocean, even if I dont show it.
Cuz I'll be forever heartbroken, that's why I dont want us to ever split.

"Damn Richy, do you even got a heart?
You never show you're inner feelings".

Of course stupid, I've got one.
So dont let me punch you thru' these ceilings.

Im harder than a shield on the outside, that's why it takes to know me very slow.

But I ain't gonna lie to you homie, I do listen to Drake when I'm feeling low.

Don't believe me?
Check my playlist, then you'll see I'm serious, all fo' sho'.

So called rappers rap about money.
Cars, clothes and pimpin hoes

But I ain't bout that life.
Cuz in these lines I write, I wanna reach for hearts and souls.

People search in for Paradise, but I'm a black man with bigger goals.

20 years on my neck, 21 on my sleeve.
But I still got a long life in front if me, so please God let me breath.

You won't realize the important person in your life, until they're out.
That's why I big up my mamsi anyday, without any doubt.