Tankar & texter; del 2.

It's just me in this house, I'm gettin lonely. Got a clock on my hand, not rolly.

Starin out this window, thinkin of you, makes my heart hurt.
It's like you took my feelings, twisted me around and threw them in the dirt.

I ain't in love, no. So let me get that record straight.
But I couldn't stop thinking about you, the first fourty-eight.

I'm still soul searching, but it seems not to work out the either way. 
Pinched myself to wake out my dream, into a brighter day.

"The devil is a liar" is what I used to hear, as a kid. But sometimes it feels like you're the devil, for all the things you did.

Ok, let me take that back. You're a good girl.
Caught in limelight and the guys say:
"She's a hood girl."

I'm the only person that understands you, when no one does. And thats a pity. Even thou we aint from the same culture or same city.

She never had a guy in her life, not once. So then I came and flipped it all up, like the chipmunks.

Told her I need some space, dont mean stars.
Cuz she has a pretty face, and it's without no scars. 

Get it? Scarface. Bet you didn't recog that word play.
You're too old for this shit, like the guy named Clay.

Hope my baby understands what im tryin to say, even thou she ain't my baby.
Cuz she's whiter than the rappers today, Slim Shady.