Tankar & texter; del 3.

I've seen alot of girls, but I like this one.

No one, like that song with Alicia K. 
Just a week ago, someone asked if I was gay.

Eff that, so lets go back to the subject where it all started. Dont get me wrong, but my attitude can stink, like someone farted.

She told me, she was a Southside lady. The fame gave her friends, but they were all shady.
Shady as her shades.


Not all of them were white, so they weren't no Eminems.

No Drake, but we connected. I asked her out and she accepted. I think she gets it.
Cuz when the end of the night comes, me and her are gonna leave for the exit.

Everywhere we go, we bout to have fun. She take care of things, while I'm gettin the bed done.
I know it all's new, but it feels so long.

One thing, got my mind creepin. When we're out ravin, people think we are datin.
But we got a good bond, I don't wanna break it.

Exit, means we're heading home. To each other. Sometimes my mind wishes she introduced me to her mother.
But that will never happen. Not until completely she's down.
If she really liked me, she would introduced me to the whole town.