Tankar & texter; del 5.

Mommy told me never to play with girls heart, but now Im the person that got my heart torn apart.
Girl, you dont understand that you could be my number one, like them singles in the chart.

Never wanted it to end up like this, both of us knows that true. We used to stick around, as if we were both made of glue.

I had dreams for you, like my nigga J Cole said. But you broke them all down and all of them dreams turned out dead. 

Am I sad? Yes. Am I hurt? Yes. Am I mad? Well girl, you could say Im stress’d.

Really wanted you badly. But was not sure if it was okey to say.
Aint Homie Quan, but thats how I feel, <a href="”>some type of way.

Was at a party yesterday, where they played your song. After they played it, you were on my mind all night long. 

It was crazy how a song reminded me of you, cuz the song was ”No Love Allowed”, with Rihanna. 
After that, just saw a picture of you, wearin my blue bandana. 

There was this girl last night, that was trynna fuck. No Jason Derulo, but you’re still in my head, in there stuck.

So I said  ”Yo, I cant do this shit. I got a girl stucked in my brain” she answered, ”Thats so unattractive, you are so insane”.

So now Im sittin here, in the dark, all by myself. And you there, probally with somebody else…