Tankar & texter; del 6.

The clock is almost 4:45 am, and I’m still awake.
Think is because the shit you gave me, that I couldn’t take.

But I ain’t gonna sitt here and wine like bitch after you, you made your choice, and I respect yo track.
But when I get a new girl, don’t think you’ll get me back.

Dunno if it were the people around you, that changed your mind, but that seems reasonable to me.
Cuz you said you love me, and still don’t want me, and that ain’t my cup of tea.

”Love is a test” is what a rapper said, named Jazz.
Unfortunately, I didn’t study to the test, so I didn’t pass.

To pass, I needed two things to know. What she wanted it to look like, and how to deal with her parents.
But she got me cliffhanging, and I ain’t a dealer, but still couldn’t deal with her parents.

Just hope one day it all get back to normal, just you n’ me chilllin fo’ days.
Didn’t mean that we should chill for four days, but we can do it both ways.

By the way; I smoked weed the other night, for the first time in Sweden.
Imma born sinna like the woman in Gard’ of Eden.
Had no intentions of doin that, just had to let go of my thoughts just a while.
But I didn’t, cuz when I was lean, thought of you, and started to smile. 

Your the only one that knows my struggle, with my dad and all them chats.
Starting to miss our little convos, about this and thats.

Lyin in bed and chattin nonsense shit, were something great we had.
But after your feelings got fucked up, it all turned out bad.