Tankar & texter; del 7.

I hate that I love you, and, I love that I hate you girl.
There’s no one that knows me like you do, in this miserable world.

And I really do hate you, for sayin shit you never did mean.
That’s right from my heart, and I ain’t high, drunk, or lean.

But at the same time, I love you for all the stuff you shared.
It wasn’t a biggie, but it still showed that you cared.

We coulda kept it simple. Being best friends, while we were naughty in bed.
But it ended up with you fuckin it all up and my poor head.

Had a few near girlfriends, but you were special. In a good way thou. 
But I still don’t understand why you had to put on a show.

Like, just tell me the truth.
You would like to have me, but that won’t work because of your daddy.

I’ll accept that, like Chuckie from the Sons of Anarchy.
Don’t know where I should place you, and it still bothers fuckin me.

From bein’ sexual active, to just friends, both knows that won’t work. Even God.
Cuz something is tellin me you find somebody else, and that makes me feel very odd.

You can’t expect me to talk normal to you, after all this shit we gone thru’.

It will take it time, and only time can tell.
If you’re willing to work it out, so I wish you well.

It ain’t gonna be easy, so you’ll have to stand out with me and my attitude. 
But when I feel that I can trust you again, I’ll show it and you’ll be forever gratitude.