Tankar & texter; del 8.

You know my name, not my story. Somethin that gets said all the time.
No Jay-Z, but I got <a href="”>99 problems, and all of ’em on my mind.

We said, no strings attached. But she still wants us to get intimate.
I aint that type of guy, but I still took her on a simple date.

And everytime I leave, she givin me that come back look. But I know she only likes me cuz i dress good.

Wanted to finish this, but I ain’t never done. You know them after raves calls when you sprung.

Both wanted it to last, but it never will. If you fall for me now, you’ll regret you had heel.

First time we were intimate, never used a rubber b. She said, its ok. The only guy I’ve been with is you, she whispered me. I was noxious, cuz it can still be the reason of stinging me.

She said, fuck you are you gonna do me like that?

I said, I dont know who you might be fuckin, so fuck you right back.

Don’t take it personal. Im just bein real girl. Im so sick and tired of these lyin girls, I dont feel well.