Tankar & texter; Till Henne.

I wonder what you’re doin’ on your weekend. But I’m way too shallow to be in the deep end.
Can’t pretend it wasn’t too official. Yeah, can’t pretend we wasn’t superficial.
We used to kick every single time you or me blew a whistle.
Yeah, when all I wanted was to get you new initial.
Eye on you, we started talking and things got serious than us. Still remember the moments like gettin busy on the subway or the bus.
The relationship grew and grew. Old souls, feelin’ new.
Built up a foundation off a friendship and trust. We was always fallin’ higher, I still remember the buzz. People rarely stare at life the same perspective as us. Started off as friends but we were tempted to fuck. And then I gave you all my love, which in the end was too much.
Girl, I know you’re only 22, maybe I fell too hard and things got rushed. Subconsciously we wanted Drake and Rihanna, Kanye and Kim, Khloe and French Montana.
Even thou I dont bang tunes by Hannah Montana, this wrecked balled my heart and had me like a smashed banana.
Couple moments that we just couldn’t enjoy. Made me start to question if you was too good for the boy (me).

And girl I can’t lie, I don’t know if it’s ego, I don’t know if it’s pride. But I don’t wanna see no other nigga by your side. No, I don’t wanna see no other nigga by your side.

And even as we break up, knowing where this could take us, I contemplate you dating, irritating imitators.

Do you still, think about me when you wake up? Am I still, the reason why you wear your make-up?

Unanswered questions to one of my biggest lessons.
My purgatory before I make it to heaven.
But if I ask, would you take me back in a second?

Girl, that shit depressin’, the way you keep me guessin’.
Baby, I ain’t even stressin’, but we can be mature and both be at each other’s weddin’.
I can’t lie, I will play your track in my house. And every time I hear your voice, it makes me happy and proud.

I’m settlin’ down, I ain’t a daddy for now. But every time you’ll do a show, I’mma be at the back of the crowd. Singing the song we wrote, that’s why I’ll be clappin’ so loud.

I’ll always respect you, I won’t ever forget you, whatever will be, we’ll see.
I guess we just wasn’t meant to be. At least we can say that we tried. And I’m happy, cuz both our names will be the sky.