To her.

She came to my bed, silent and slow.
She was touchin me, so I begged her to go.

Founded myself goin inside, just that ignorant thought made me cry.

Haven’t done it for 6 year’s, always kept my chin dry.

But the other night I went emotional, asking God, is this another try.

Haven’t seen my girl smile in a while.

Because my actions from this weekend, is printed in her memory file.

I said, I still love you.

She said, no.

I said, I really do.

She said, no.

The last thing I want, is she letting me go.

Please God, I didn’t pray this morning, but can you help me out?

Knew he wouldn’t hear me, so I started to shout.

Cursing, stomping, kicking and punching.
That was how I started of this weeks Monday.

Even called my school sayin, I’m sick today.

If you’ll read this, I really mean what I say, and I say what I mean.

Wanted to call you, but it’ll jus go to your answering machine.

Was thought to have my heart on the sleeve, but wear t-shirts.

But realized that wasn’t me.
That’s why you always see me in a long sleeved black hoodie.

I’m in a room with four walls, but I feel so lost.
Crime pays, drugs too, but love it cost…