Tankar & texter; del 1.

I could sip on a bottle til it's empty. Rose, cider, beer, wine or even henny.
Livin for the moments, dont let anyone stress me. I might take your girl, even thou I know she ain't sexy.

No father figga', made me a heartless nigga'. Because he was a raspy bloody women hitta'.
I used to hear him curse mom and swallow liqua'.
As a kid, could even go to bed without no dinna'.

Granny used to call me "little saint" until I became a sinna'.
Lie to me, I'll show you twats my middle finga'.

This BS made me cold, so I'm gone to November. Hanging around my uncle, like necklace way back. You remember?

Real brothers help your mother when she carried shoppin', cuz those are the only women in live that is worth our lovin'.