Tankar & texter; del 4.

She said I’m the best guy she ever had, but she never had me.
Slowly starting to hate her more and more, just like my daddy.

She dropped it like a bomb, so I never saw that comin. Even thou a part of me knew she would.
It was surprising, but I just can’t believe that she could.

In chock, sittin there with my arms crossed, no fit.
Tried to see the bigger picture, cuz I couldn’t handle this shit.

Made no special face expression, tried to look cool as if I was unemotional.
As soon she went, I wanted her back over all.

She wanted me to say something, she was like: ”Say you hate me, say something Richy.”
But I just sat there, quiet, actin all bitchy.

But she still was touchin and holdin my hand, as nothin gon’ wrong.
And I was sittin there, thinkin:
”What the fuck is going on?!”

For the first time, I didn’t want her hands on me. That’s was kinda sick.
Actin very bitchy, now I turned to a prick.

I think I ended up in a fas where the trust dip.
Had good sex and now a bad relationship.

Why should I have someone lyin next to me every night, when she keeps lyin to me every night.