Tankar & texter; del 10.

I could be on my way home walking. Or drinking tea early in the morning.
So boy better know I
 can hear voices talking.

At first I thought it was nothing.
Saying to myselft:
”Richy, you’re buzzin!”

But 1 or 2, turned into a dozen.
It’s weird cause one sounds like my dead cousin.

But I cant be the only one with this.
I think this is a little more than a sickness.

I dont wanna be that guy with the slit wrist.
So I act like it dont even exist.

Could of gone mad time ago, but I aint crumble like bisquits.

It’s to deep for a docter to fix this.
Much more than gonorhea or syphilis.

Blud its a deep ting , but Richy aint no weeklin.
Sometimes I feel like Im dreaming, cuz I cant see no one but I hear speaking.

But I cant go crazy or loose myself like Slim Shady.
So, God forgive for my choices, cuz I hear a million voices.