Tankar & texter; del 9.

You betrayed me.

The day you played my momma, you played me.
Can’t believe I let you in my heart nigga.

I should’ve, followed my instincts.
A stranger in my house.

Started when I was five years, and sensed danger in my house.
I was too young too fight you, but damn if I could to.
I’m blowing up fast and I hope these words haunt you.

Twenty years, knew you as my real pops.
Put me on lock, and all the times i fucked with the cops.

Who would’ve thought you’d leave my momma low and dry.
Last words to that bitch nigga:
“Why you lie?”

Feeling bitter, so these words might seem jumbled.
When you left I watched that lady crumble.

I know by now you probably a old man.
But I still I feel I won’t be satisfied until we throw hands.
For all the ass whoppin’s.

Heard you tryna’ talk to, tell that punk don’t call me.
You ain’t shit and I’m scared it rubbed off on me.